Dag Jan!

The exhibition Day Jan tells the story of the old Flemish Primitives, with a nod to modern skating culture. Visitors will get to know the medieval world of Jan Van Eyck better from the perspective of a younger one now. This contemporary Jan, with whom we can all identify, suddenly discovers that he is directly descended from the famous painter and goes looking for who that distant relative of his is. Visitors experience this search through the eyes of the young Jan. In De Wereld van Kina, room after room, they learn more and more about one of the most famous painters in history.

Jan Van Eyck's unparalleled portraits, the Mystic Lamb, his painting and painting techniques in his medieval studio and his many secret adventures in foreign countries ...; they are all covered.

Through viewing cabinets, showcases, animations, interesting facts and an interactive trail, visitors are immersed in a playful and educational way in the small realm of Van Eyck. To make the exhibition accessible to the widest possible audience, the story is told on the basis of sound clips that are available in Dutch, French and English. In addition to many great merchandise, there is the youth book 'Het kleine rijk van Jan Van Eyck'.

Trailer 'Dag Jan - Het kleine rijk van Jan Van Eyck'

OMG! Van Eyck was here! 2020 will be the Van Eyck year in Ghent. An extensive program puts the grandmaster in the spotlight and an exhibition for children was highly desirable. From August 30, 2020 you can visit this exhibition in The world of Kina: the House. #dagjanvaneyck

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