Het kleine rijk van Jan Van Eyck

2020 will be the year of Jan Van Eyck, the painter of, among others, The Ghent Altarpiece. The city of Ghent organizes numerous events around Van Eyck, including an exhibition at the Huis van Kina that is specifically aimed at primary school children. The interest is huge!
This youth book is in line with this. Children learn about his universe through (excerpts from) Van Eyck's paintings. About how he painted. About what life was like in the Middle Ages (clothing, precious stones, travels ...). About how he dealt with dukes and princes. Playful and fun, but also educational.
The enchanting story of Jan Van Eyck and his universe, especially for children and ... their parents.

publication: end of November 2019
price: 19.99 euros
technical characteristics: format 250 x 320 m, hard cover, fully in four color, 48 pages
author: Gille De Bruycker
publisher: Borgerhoff & Lamberigts

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Cover of the book Dag Jan, Het Kleine rijk by Jan van Eyck